• 14 June 2018

    The PPTEU is partnering with the Australian Prostate Centre for better men's health.

    Members need to actively manage their health, and that is why the PPTEU has developed a partnership with the APC.
  • 08 June 2018

    Recent update to the Fire Industry working group.

    Whilst there were some matters that were debated at the Fire Working Group meeting in Hobart on June 2-3, 2018 that remain unresolved, the Members of the Working Group have resolved a way forward.
  • 15 May 2018

    Registrations come under continuing attack

    The Plumbing and Fire protection training packages are currently under review. The PPTEU is committed to protect the registrations and licensing of our trade. Below is a brief outline to inform members of the difficult and arduous work currently being undertaken by your Union to have a voice and defend the current attack on our trade.
  • 19 February 2018

    $121,000 penalty imposed for “outrageous exploitation of a young person”

     A plumbing business operator who told his employee to “seriously, f**k off…” when the worker asked when he would receive money owed to him, has been penalised $21,500.
  • 07 February 2018

    World plumbing day, Friday 9th March

    The World Plumbing Day event at PICAC in Brunswick has become a key date for the Victorian plumbing industry to come together and celebrate the contribution that plumbing makes to society. 

  • 30 January 2018

    A home loan deal for members

    The union has negotiated a deal with Members Equity, giving Union members a hefty home loan discount:
    0.35% p.a. off the standard interest rate of a new Basic Home Loan.
  • 29 November 2017

    Member reaches 50 years of continuous membership

    Signed up as a 17 year old first year apprentice, Ray was presented with a certificate and medallion to commemorate his milestone.
  • 01 November 2017

    Incolink 24/7 counselling & support

    A great initiative has been achieved by the members "Wellbeing and Support Services" at Incolink to provide free 24/7 support to Members requiring counselling and support. These services are made available by Union Member contributions to Incolink through your redundancy fund as part of your EBA.
  • 26 October 2017

    Safety information for plumbers and sprinkler fitters working with asbestos

     The Union has teamed up with the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency and the Master Plumbers Association of Australia to produce a pamphlet for Plumbers working with asbestos
  • 08 October 2017

    Fire on a construction site raises the importance of hydrants and reels

    The lack of a functioning booster line and hydrant connections during construction  caused difficulties for firefighter's extinguishing the fire .

    Fire fighters faced delays fighting the fire due to lack of water pressure.

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