Call to Plumbers - don't wait for summer

You might know about the sun's sting in summer, but did you know UV is a year-round risk for construction workers?

Unfortunately, just 8% of construction workers are properly protected from UV damage on the job.

Don’t wait for summer to be SunSmart. Join their campaign to get UV safety on the agenda today.

Now’s the time to remind everyone on your site of the importance of UV safety. Download the resources below for your jobsites and let your workmates know why you’re not waiting for summer.

Sunburn isn't the only sign of skin damage.You can be exposed to UV every day. Over time, UV damage adds up, putting you at high risk of developing a skin cancer.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways employers and workers can act to reduce UV risks. This campaign is all about encouraging the plumbing industry to take that action now.

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