The Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union

The Plumbers Union is one of the fastest growing and most progressive trade unions in Australia. Our record of protecting workers' rights and entitlements since 1850 is second to none. We have been Federally registered since 1912. An important part of this proud union is the continued protection of our Trade Licensing/Registration systems that have been under constant attack by government legislative changes since their inception.

As a trade union we have been at the forefront of protecting the health of the nation through training and trade development within the trade and we can provide industry-based training to all of our members. Most importantly, our Union has won the right to vastly improved wages and conditions for our members through enterprise bargaining agreements, awards and site agreements..

We are a Union that puts our members first. We have general meetings where members are welcome to attend to voice their opinion. We are proud of this democratic system and encourage all of our members to attend.

Surveys consistently show better wages and conditions for Union members. It stands to reason that no individual worker standing alone can hope to bargain with an employer on an equal footing. The PPTEU ensures that workers combine their strength to speak with one voice. We also empower workers on the job through extensive training programs to help them:

  • Negotiate effectively on behalf of members
  • Deal with small issues before they become big ones
  • Ensure that decisions are made democratically

The PPTEU also have a proud history of advancing education, improving social welfare and promoting human rights.

Advancing education.

The PPTEU has its own Registered Training Organisation in the name of CEPUTEC (RTO 4612) and commenced operation in June 1997 with an aim to provide flexible learning and assessment opportunities to members, and others working in the plumbing industry. We provide free training to members and their family to enhance employment opportunities or to simply obtain skills such as first aid, computer literacy, etc.

Improving social welfare and promoting human rights.

Indigenous Apprentice Program and the Indigenous Plumbing and Sanitisation Foundation.

It is now 20 years since the PPTEU began a partnership with Western Australian, Northern Territory and Victorian Aboriginal communities. 

This culminated in the formation of NUDJ Plumbing Services P/L in 2009 and is the amalgamation of the Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, the Victorian Plumbers Union, Cooke & Dowsett Pty Ltd and the Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation with a combined purpose of providing employment and training opportunities for Indigenous Australians. 

Since the inception of the PPTEU Indigenous Apprentice Program, more than 200 indigenous plumbing apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeship.

We are now in the very proud position of seeing this project come full circle, with fully qualified male and female indigenous plumbers working in metropolitan, regional and remote areas throughout Australia, helping to improve sanitation and living standards within their communities.

PPTEU/Incolink Foundation Occupational Health and Safety Initiative and Welfare Program.

The PPTEU, in conjunction with the Incolink Member Wellbeing & Support Program offers a range of exclusive services completely free to workers in the construction industry. These services are there for members in good and bad times and include:

Preventative Education


Health Checks

Job Support

Earle Setches
State Secretary

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