Looking for an Apprenticeship?

We get lots of inquiries from people from all walks of life asking "how do I get an apprenticeship in Plumbing or Sprinkler Fitting"?

Your first step is to get an up to date resume. There are 100’s of samples to look at on the internet.

This is your advertisement for a job so spend some time with it and make it look and sound as good as you possibly can. 

If it’s your first resume get advice from somebody after you have completed it.

Some people like to get them done professionally, and this may be a  good idea as once it’s done right the first time you can always update it later. 

How much information do I need to provide?

It needs to be:

  • Precise
  • Easy to read
  • Up to date
  • Informative

Telling the company about yourself.

  1. What you know about plumbing and why you want to be a plumber.
  2. What you can bring to the company as far as loyalty, honesty etc.
  3. Any experience you have had in plumbing and what you know about Plumbing.
  4. Have you completed a pre-apprenticeship ?

(Highly recommended, see our school for enrollment details)

What’s Next ?

Get your resume out there.

Back your emails up with a phone call a day or two later.

Keep going until you find suitable employment.

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