Member Insurance

Being a financial Member of the Union brings a wide range of benefits and services that come from your EBA. Paying your Union fees allows your Union to provide the resources to negotiate not only your wage and site conditions/amenities, RDO'S, redundancy pay, site allowances, picnic day, 10 days sick leave a year accumulative, portable sick leave, 4 weeks annual leave, portable long service leave, inclement weather pay, OH&S and WorkCover protection and support, protection of the trade through registration and licensing, maintaining apprenticeship based training, etc, but also deliver the following through your EBA. See also our apprentice information section.

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Travel Insurance

Members that plan on getting travel insurance MUST lodge their registration form a minimum of 2 working days prior to travel. 

Protection for you and your family

Starting 1 December 2023, the new travel insurance cover is available to financial members who pay full rates, as valued members of the CEPU (PPTEU) Plumbing Division Victoria and Western Australia, at no additional cost*

*Subject to Terms and Conditions (financial full rates members only, eg, apprentices will need to pay full rate for the period of registration and travel)


The travel policy sections include:

A.  Capital benefits in the event of death or disablement

B.  Weekly benefits – injury

C.  Unlimited overseas medical expenses

D.  Unlimited emergency assistance

E.  Loss or damage to baggage and personal effects

F.  Loss of money, travellers cheques and credit cards

G. Personal legal liability

H. Loss of deposits

I.  Refund of excess following collision damage or theft

Read the travel policy documents for full details:

·       Policy Schedule

·       Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording

·       Target Market Determination

This Travel Insurance Policy may not meet your needs.  You should obtain your own financial product advice and consider the Policy Wording and Policy Schedule, as well as the Target Market Determination, to assess whether the product meets your requirements.


ð      Membership Eligibility: Ensure you are a financial member of the PPTEU when you make a deposit payment for your journey.  You must remain financial for the duration of registration and your trip. (paying full rate)

ð      Inclusive for Your Loved Ones:  Your spouse/de-facto partner and dependant children can also benefit from this cover when travelling with you.  

ð      Age: Be 75 years of age or under (both you and your accompanying spouse/partner).  Age limits also apply for accompanying children.

ð      Flexible Duration: Whether you're setting off on a domestic or international adventure, our travel insurance covers you when your journey is more than 250km away from your usual place of residence.  You can enjoy this coverage for up to 180 days, allowing you to make the most of your travels without worry.

ð      Check Smart Traveller website: Check the latest travel advice level for your destination. Depending on these restrictions this travel insurance policy may not provide any cover.

ð      Register before you travel: Before you set off on your travel adventure, register your travel details a minimum of 2 days prior to travelling.

Read the Brochure here.

Travel Insurance Registration Form


World Travel Protection

Phone: +61 2 8907 5660

Email: Assist (at)

To ensure you have immediate access to emergency assistance while travelling overseas, you must register your details before you embark on your journey. This simple step will ensure help is just a call away, should you need it.


To make a claim, please download a claim form and send it to Windsor Management Insurance Brokers. Please remember to obtain all relevant documentation (from the country where the incident occurred) to assist the claims process. Refer to the Policy Schedule and Policy Wording for what you must do if anything happens during your trip that is likely to lead to a claim.


The travel insurance program is managed by Windsor Management Insurance Brokers. Their dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide all the details you need before you travel.

Frequently Asked Questions: Download the FAQs

Call: (03) 9663 2411

Email: travel (at)


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Smart Traveller

World Health Organisation

Private plumbing insurance

The PPTEU has secured Private Plumbing Insurance for the year 2023/2024. There has been a substantial rise in the cost of the policy this year, however we are able to offer the cover to our members for the fee of $160.00. To be eligible for this insurance you must be a full and financial member of the PPTEU for the full term of the policy. In addition, you must be licensed/registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

The policy starts on the 1st September 2023 and expires at 4.00 pm on the 1st September 2024. The insurance covers all members who are working on their own homes or for immediate family.

Insurance Form: 

Please fill out the attached application form and forward to 52 Victoria Street Carlton South 3053, or email to $160.00 payment to the PPTEU is required for this year. Please allow 7 business days for processing

You are allowed to do 6 jobs a year under this policy, and by law you must have the insurance for 5 continual years.

Applying for a Private Plumbing Works Licence

Step 1.          Complete the PPTEU Plumbers Defects Warranty & Liability Insurance Application Form.  (This form must be completed each year at renewal)

Step 2.          Complete the QBE Victorian Plumbers Liability Application.  (First time applicants only)

On completion, please forward forms to PPTEU info (at) 52 Victoria Street, Carlton South 3053,  for processing.  Your application will be processed, and your name will be added to the Private Plumbing Work Insurance Policy.  The VBA will be notified that your name has been added.Please note - to be eligible for this cover, you must be registered with the VBA.  If you are not registered with the VBA the application cannot be processed.  The policy runs from September 1st to August 31st  yearly and must be renewed each year.  Members are covered for work carried out on their own homes, or the homes of immediate family, for which no monetary fee is charged or received.   You are allowed to complete up to 6 jobs per year, and by law you must have the insurance for 5 years after completing the works.

 Please note:

The $5,000,000 limit for Public Liability claims is the individual limit for each claim.  Whereas the $5,000,000 limit for Products Liability and $50,000 limit for Goods in Care, Custody or Control are the total limits shared amongst all insureds for the Period of Insurance.  Policy excess payable is $5,000 per claim.

 Compliance Certificates are attainable from the Victorian Building Authority.

 Step 3.         Once your application has been processed you are required to go to the VBA website and update your accreditation to a PPWL (Private Plumbing Works Licence).    You can access a Change of Accreditation form via the VBA website.  A VBA fee is applicable.

Please note:
It is your responsibility to keep your Plumbing Registration with the VBA current and up to date. For all inquiries please contact 1300 815 127. Compliance forms are attainable from the Victorian Building Authority at 733 Bourke Street Melbourne, 3000.

Download your "QBE Victorian Plumbers Liability Application Form" below.

Download your "Plumbers Defects Warranty & Liability Insurance Application Form" below.

Leisure time illness Insurance (IPT)

Below is an example of the range of insurances available to Members whose employers pay Premiums and contributions on their behalf, and are up to date at the time of the illness. They are of a general nature only. For more information see the Incolink members page to download a copy of "Building and Construction Industry Accident and Illness Benefits Program".

It is important to refer to your EBA for insured amounts as they may be different as published in the Incolink brochure.

To further assist members as to how the benefits program operates, see our OH&S Bulletins titled "Changes to Leisure Time Insurance Benefit after 1st October 2016" and: "Working in the construction industry and you become ill or injured". It is important to know where your employer pays IPT on your behalf so as you know where to submit your claim. This can be Incolink (Windsor Management Group), AFA if your employer is a member of the Master Plumbers Association or Windsor Management Group if your employer is a member of the AMCA. If you are uncertain, before filling out any claim form, ask your employer who their insurer is, and ask for a claim form. You may need to fill out two claim forms on separate insurers to receive your full benefit, depending on where your employer pays IPT on your behalf.

Members are advised to contact your OH&S Officers Chris Giblin or Steve Rocco for advice or assistance when making a claim.

Leisure Time Illness/WorkCover Top-Up/TAC Top up and Workplace Death and Trauma Benefits known as Income Protection and Trauma Insurance (IPT). This provides a range of insurance cover to workers where a worker suffers an illness in their leisure time which prevents them from working. Any disablement must occur within 12 months from the date of the illness. Workplace death and capital benefits provides cover when a worker suffers a workplace injury resulting in death or permanent total disablement which is not an illness and is covered by WorkCover. TAC top-up provides cover to workers who suffer an injury whilst in direct travel to and from work which involves a registered motor vehicle. (conditions and circumstances apply). WorkCover top-up provides cover to workers who are in receipt of WorkCover payments.

While an employer is making the agreed IPT contribution payments, the employee will receive insurance cover for Leisure Time Illness, WorkCover Top-Up, Workplace Death and Trauma and TAC Top-Up.

IPT Insurance provides cover for the following benefits:

  • Weekly benefits for up to three years for a worker suffering from an illness (where a workers is under 70 years of age).
  • Top up payments for workers suffering a workplace injury or illness which is covered by a statutory workers compensation scheme. Top up payments will be considered from the 53rd week of disablement whilst a worker is receiving WorkCover payments.
  • Lump-sum capital benefits for workplace injury, resulting in death or permanent total disablement.
  • Child care benefit, following a workplace death for a worker with dependents, to a maximum $30,000.
  • This is only available where the employer pays the weekly IPT contribution on the employees behalf.

Cover cease the day the worker ceases work. (Other exclusions may apply) Any disablement must occur within 12 months from the date of the illness.

Leisure time injury Insurance

This cover is provided by your Redundancy contributions being up to date. It is important to read the above bulletin "Changes to Leisure Time Insurance Benefit after 1st October 2016". You may need to submit two claim forms to receive your full entitlement.

Provides cover to workers for accidents where a worker suffers an injury in their leisure time which prevents them from working. Any disablement must occur within 12 months from the date of injury. Also:

  • Covers a worker where their injury results in a break or hairline fracture of a bone.
  • Capital benefits where a worker suffers from death, paraplegia, permanent loss of hearing, permanent loss of limbs and third degree burns.
  • Top-up payments for workers suffering an injury whilst in direct travel to and from work, which is covered by the statutory transport accident scheme.
  • Discretionary cover for Emergency transport and accidental dental damage for you and immediate dependents.
  • Funeral cover of $9,000.00 to the age of 70 years.

Cover ceases after 9 months from the last redundancy contribution. (Other exclusions may apply) Any disablement must occur within 12 months from the date of the illness.

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