OH&S Bulletins

OH&S Bulletins address the OH&S, WorkCover and safety matters that concern our members.

Protective measures dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This bulletin provides information on measures and explains efforts for both workers and employers to increase facilities and the need for personal hygiene, and the need to reduce person to person contact.

Working in the Construction Industry and you become ill or injured!

A brief overview of insurances delivered through your EBA. Members must refer to the publication "Building and construction industry accident and illness benefits program" brochure published by Incolink.

Temporary plumbing for site sheds

The aim of this technical solution is to clarify the requirements for the provision of temporary facilities for site sheds.

Fire Precautions: Requirements during construction

This Bulletin has been generated to provide information on what is required as a minimum for all construction sites so as they are compliant with the requirements for the provision of fire fighting equipment during construction, and the need for emergency evacuation procedures in the event of a fire.

Don't get stitched up by WorkCover

WorkCover  law is extensive and complex, your Union has the resources to assist members with their claims.

Incolink 24/7 counselling and support: 1300 000 129.



The OH&S Unit is supported through Incolink funding.

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