Benefits and services in being a Member

Being a financial Member of the Union brings a wide range of benefits and services that come from your EBA. Paying your Union fees allows your Union to provide the resources to negotiate not only your wage and site conditions/amenities, RDO'S, redundancy pay, site allowances, picnic day, 10 days sick leave a year accumulative, 4 weeks annual leave, inclement weather pay, OH&S and WorkCover protection and support, protection of the trade through registration and licensing, maintaining apprenticeship based training, etc, but also deliver the following through your EBA. See also our apprentice information section.

24/7 Counselling and support

A great initiative has been achieved by the members "Wellbeing and Support Services" at Incolink to provide free 24/7 support to Members requiring counselling and support. These services are made available by Union Member contributions to Incolink through your redundancy fund as part of your EBA.

All members including regional based members can access Incolink counselling services across Victoria and Tasmania simply by calling 1300 000 129 anytime.

Free training

Training doesn't finish with trade school. The Plumbing Trade is at the forefront of facing the challenges of reducing greenhouse gases and saving water and energy for the Victorian Community. The Union had the fore-sight of meeting these challenges, and developed a six star training facility that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

All training is FREE to Union Members, and fees are subsidised to your immediate family.


Your EBA requires your employer to pay contributions of not less than 9.5% (SGAA) of the members ordinary time earnings paid monthly into your account.

When absent from work as a result of  injury or illness, or long service leave, your employer may have an obligation to pay a minimum level of contributions as listed in your EBA, except apprentices.

Trade school fees

Apprentices presenting reports of satisfactory progress will be reimbursed all fees for tuition and materials paid by them in respect of their apprentice training.

Long service leave

CoINVEST is the trading name for CoINVEST Limited which is responsible for administrating the Construction Industry Portable Long Service Leave Scheme throughout Victoria.

All time spent with your employer counts as service, including annual leave, sick leave, WorkCover, RDO’s, public holidays and time spent at TAFE. 

Conditions apply; however, after 7 years of continuous service credited with CoINVEST, a pro-rata claim can be made. 

Check with your employer to make sure you are registered or you can check your own details on the CoINVEST website by setting up your own 24/7 access by downloading the new App.

UnionAssist (WorkCover)

Working with your OH&S Officers, Steve Rocco and Chris Giblin, UnionAssist provides free expert advisers to help you with your WorkCover disputes at the Conciliation stage.

Please contact us for advice and a referral.

WorkCover Claim Forms are now able to be filled out and submitted in a digital format.

Claim Forms can now be filled out and submitted electonically. Paper and scanned claim forms can still be used.

The digital Claim Form can be emailed to your employer, and we strongly recommend you contact WorkSafe Advisory Service on freecall 1800 136 089 and ask for your employers' Agent details and email a copy to their WorkCover Agent, subject "early notification".

PPTEU members now have access to more mental health, alcohol and drugs awareness programs through ADA Australia

Each member now has access to the following resources:

  • Workbook of Alcohol Drugs and Workplace Risk - eBook
  • The Little Blue Book of Mental Health COVID-19 edition - eBook
  • The Little Blue Book of Workplace Mental Health - eBook
  • AOD workplace risk training program - pre-recorded webinar
  • Mental Health COVID-19 training - pre-recorded webinar
  • Mental  Health Awareness training - pre-recorded webinar
  • Friendly Ear Support Service - digital guide

You can access the Support and Learning Hub using the below link and your membership number to log in from any device at any time.

Legal Issue? We can help

PPTEU member benefits

Free telephone advice

Free first consultation

No win - No fee

Free standard will

We can help

Create your standard Will online with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

A will is one of the most important legal documents you will sign in your lifetime. It determines who will be in control of your estate after your death, and how your estate is to be distributed.

Maurice Blackburn has made the process of getting a will faster and easier. Maurice Blackburn offers PPTEU members and their partners a FREE standard will using their Online Will Service.

To find out more about the service and the full benefits available, further information can be read here.

Workers compensation, road accident injuries, injuries resulting from medical treatment, illness related to asbestos exposure, superannuation and disability insurance benefits, injuries sustained in public places, injuries caused by faulty products, financial advice disputes, Will disputes.

1800 810 812

Private Plumbing Insurance

The PPTEU has secured Private Plumbing Insurance for the year 2020/2021. The premium for the cover this year is now FREE.  To be eligible for this insurance you must be a full and financial member of the PPTEU for the full term of the policy, you must also be registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

A home loan deal for members and more

Every Australian deserves to get the most out of their money. We’re here to help them do it.

We were originally created by member-owned industry super funds to be a fairer home loan lender, helping Australians reach the dream of owning their own home. These days we’re a fully fledged bank, but our profits still go back to the industry super funds – the very same ones that look after the retirement savings of more than seven million Australians.

We help Australians get ahead. We give you ways to get more from your savings, pay less on your loans and cut down on fees – however we can, whenever we can.

We’re making banking as simple as possible. You shouldn’t have to wade through jargon to find what you need, and opening an account should be easy.

And because financial know-how doesn’t always come naturally, we give you tools to spend wiser and save smarter: things like our online school of money ‘ed’, which is fast, free and simple to use.

More for PPTEU members

As a member of the PPTEU, you’ve got access to ME’s Member Benefits Program – a full program of special offers and deals to help you get more from your banking.

Here are just some of offers we’ve had in the past:   

  • More on home loans

Save more with ME’s already-low rates 

  • More on everyday accounts

Enjoy bonus offers to make your money go further 

  • More on credit cards

Save with a competitive low rate

ME has new special deals regularly; to find out what’s available right now check us out: 

ME has recently introduced a brand-new online education module that’s all about nurturing Australian’s financial wellness as we start to recover from COVID-19 and beyond.

This module gives members the information and tools they need to get back on their feet if they stumbled during this difficult period.

Our interactive financial wellness module is completely free to use and only takes 15 minutes to complete.

check it out here

Looking to get more out of your money? Make the most of ME.     

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Applications for credit are subject to credit approval. This is general information only and you should consider if these products are appropriate for you. Members Equity Bank Ltd ABN 56 070 887 679 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 229500

Leisure time injury and illness insurance benefits

Additional to weekly payments to members who become injured or suffer an illness in their leisure time that prevents them from working, the following benefits are also available.

It is important Members ensure payments are made on your behalf by your employer, and they are up to date PRIOR to submitting a claim form.

The leisure time injury and illness insurance benefits listed below are of a general nature only. Members are advised to download the Building and Construction Industry Accident and Illness Benefit Program brochure.

You may need to fill out two claim forms on separate insurers to receive your full benefit, depending on where your employer pays IPT on your behalf.

Contact your Union should you require advice or assistance.

Leisure time illness insurance (IPT)

TAC Top-up

Provides cover where a worker suffers an injury whilst traveling to and from work and receives an entitlement from the TAC. The cover makes up the difference between what the TAC pay (80% of ordinary earnings) and 100% of ordinary earnings (combined total $1,500) to maximum of 104 weeks.

WorkCover Top-up

When you receive workers compensation from a work related injury or illness, WorkCover will only reimburse the injured worker 95%/80% of the pre- injury earnings at the ordinary rate of pay. During the first year (52 weeks) the employer is required to make up the remaining 5%/20%. However, from the 53rd week to a further 78 weeks the 20% is paid by the insurance cover. It is the injured workers responsibility to initiate the claim.

Workplace death and capital benefits

Provides cover to a worker, where a worker suffers a workplace injury resulting in death or permanent total disablement, which is not illness, and covered by WorkCover.

Portable sick leave

Cover available to workers where their employer pays the portable sick leave insurance contributions. This is an EBA entitlement and shown on your Incolink statement.

Incolink Apprentice Support Worker Team

The Incolink Apprentice Support Workers Team offer a free confidential support and referral service to Apprentices to ensure they are equipped to deal with workplace, trade school and personal pressures and difficulties. This includes information on issues like drug and alcohol abuse and suicide prevention. The workers are also available to provide follow-up support and counselling to apprentices.  

The Apprentice Support Team can be directly accessed through Incolink by ringing (03) 9639 3000

Leisure time injury insurance

Emergency transport

Provides cover to a worker and his/her dependants, for emergency ambulance cover anywhere in Australia to a maximum of $12,000 road/$15,000 air/ per trip. Unmarried financially dependent children up to 16 years of age, or up to 25 years of age if a full time student are deemed to be dependents. The Member is covered for a period of 9 consecutive months from the last recorded and paid redundancy contribution and/or Apprentice days provided that:

  • they are unemployed and
  • are actively seeking work within the building industry and
  • registered as seeking work through Incolink, Centrelink or the Union or equivalent.

Accidental dental cover

Provides cover to a worker and his/her dependants, for accidental damage to sound and healthy teeth, occurring outside work hours. Conditions and exclusions apply such as fillings without damage to the tooth structure, wisdom teeth, milk teeth etc. The Member is covered for a period of 9 consecutive months from the last recorded and paid redundancy contribution and/or Apprentice days provided that:

  • they are unemployed and
  • are actively seeking work within the building industry and
  • registered as seeking work through Incolink, Centrelink or the Union or equivalent.

Broken bones

Provides cover to a worker who suffers an injury during their leisure time, resulting in a break or hairline fracture of a bone.

Capital benefits

Provides cover to a worker who suffers an injury in their leisure time resulting in a number of payable conditions. ( a list of payable conditions are available in the Incolink brochure.

Journey cover and capital benefits

A weekly benefit is available where a worker suffers an injury in direct travel to and from work, and is not covered by TAC or WorkCover, which prevents a worker from working. 

Funeral cover

Provides a benefit of $9,000 when a worker dies. Cover is provided 7 days/24 hours. The Member is covered for a period of 9 consecutive months from the last recorded and paid redundancy contribution and/or Apprentice days provided that:

  • they are unemployed and
  • are actively seeking work within the building industry and
  • registered as seeking work through Incolink, Centrelink or the Union or equivalent. 

Members are advised to check that their contributions are kept up to date by their employer, and to contact the Union should they have any inquiries when making a claim. 

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