Temporary plumbing for site sheds


The aim of this technical solution is to clarify the requirements for the provision of temporary facilities for site sheds.

Compliance certificates

All plumbing work, including temporary plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed or registered plumbing practitioner. Compliance Certificates mus be issued pursuant to 221ZH of the Building Act 1993 on completion of the plumbing work. The Compliance Certificate should clearly state that the work is temporary.


In the case of gasfitting, the installation must conform to the requirements of AS 5601 – 2004 Gas Installations.

Sanitary and drainage

Only approved materials can be used.

  • Only approved fixtures or appliances can be installed.
  • The pipework must be joined using normal approved methods, for example any PVC-U pipes and fittings must be joined using primer and solvent cement.
  • The waste water and sanitary discharge can be temporarily connected to the site boundary shaft, inspection shaft or connected into the existing sanitary drainage system.
  • Sewer cannot be connected to any stormwater drain.
  • Any above ground drains and waste pipes must be protected from construction damage and securely fixed into position.

Water supply

Only approved materials can be used.

  • Only approved water heating appliances can be installed.
  • The pipework must be able to deliver an acceptable water supply that meets the minimum performance requirements of the PCA.
  • The water supply must have no cross connections and be safe and fit for purpose.

Stormwater and roof work

All stormwater and roof work must perform its intended purpose.

  • Stormwater CANNOT be connected to any sewerage drain.
  • Stormwater from building sites, including dewatering must comply with local stormwater pollution control laws.


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