"My Health Records" illegally accessed with 42 suspected cases reported

Opt out period ends 31st January 2019

The online medical records of Australians have been breached only weeks after the My Health website crashed as thousands tried to opt out for privacy reasons.

The Australian Digital Health Agency has revealed in its annual report 42 suspected cases of unauthorised viewing of e-health records.

The revelation has been made only six weeks after the federal government extended until January 31 the deadline to opt out of the My Health regime, where doctors and other health professionals can access a patient's medical records with a login and password. 

Members are advised to seriously consider whether your health record is beneficial to your interests of privacy in the workplace.

Concerns raised in our August article which can be read below have been realised.

How to opt out of "My Health Records"

The Australian Digital Health Agency's website has forms to opt out of My Health.

You can follow the prompts or call the helpline on 1800 723 471.

The website will ask for your Medicare, driver's licence, passport or proof of identity.

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