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A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will sign in your lifetime. It determines who will be in control of your estate after your death, and how your estate is to be distributed. 

Maurice Blackburn has made the process of getting a Will faster and easier.  Maurice Blackburn offers PPTEU members and their partners a FREE standard Will using our Online Will Service.

The Online Wills service enables you to start creating your Will in the comfort of your own home.

The new service is as simple as logging on and answering a series of questions about your personal and financial circumstances and how you would like your estate to be distributed.

Based on your responses, we will then draft your Will for you. One of our Wills and Estates lawyers will confirm your instructions with you either by phone or in person.  Once you’re happy with the document drafted for you, arrangements will be made for you to sign and receive a hard copy.

Maurice Blackburn can store your Will for free in our safe and secure storage to prevent it from getting damaged or lost, and we can also provide reduced pricing for Powers of Attorney among other services.

Having a Will not only helps minimise disagreements and added grief among family members after you’re gone, it also ensures that your loved ones will be protected.

If you don’t have a Will when you pass away, you will be considered ‘intestate’. The legal system would then distribute your estate according to a formula, known as an intestacy formula that has been set out in an act of parliament. Your assets will be distributed among those you’ve left behind according to their relationship to you. This often starts with a spouse or children and might not be what you would prefer.

By not having a will, you essentially lose control of your assets. You’re effectively delegating the decisions about the distribution of your estate to the legal system.

Avoid putting your loved ones through this by logging on to to create your Will with Maurice Blackburn today.

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