Worker critically injured after slipping off roof and falling through guardrails

The worker was performing metal roof installation works on a double storey house under construction when he has  slipped, then slid down the metal roof sheeting off the roof, through the guard rails that were on the perimeter scaffold, and fell approximately 6 metres to the ground.

In the housing construction sector, scaffolds and proprietary catch platform systems are often set up before the high risk construction work commences and are in place for the duration of the works.

Wet conditions can impact the effectiveness of the control measures in place for works at height.

This incident sadly is one of many serious fall related incidents that has occurred in the construction sector in recent months. This alert raises awareness of the effectiveness of catch-platforms and the different positioning requirements of catch-platforms where site conditions change.  

Please share and discuss this Alert with your industry networks, employees, contractors, HSRs, or others you engage with, particularly those working in domestic construction sector and/or on existing domestic properties.

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