The PPTEU is partnering with the Australian Prostate Centre for better men's health.

Members need to actively manage their health, and that is why the PPTEU has developed a partnership with the APC.

Free bulk-billing healthcare centre

The focus of the APC is prostate cancer and other urological conditions, but the new partnership also offers free health consultation including lifestyle assessment, blood pressure, and more. And also of particular importance for our members, the APC offers a free lung function test to detect the early warning signs of asbestosis or other lung disease.

Like many cancers, early detection is critical to survival rates. Through this partnership, members can acess free screening for the disease at the centre and have access to a range of support services tailored specifically to men. We encourage all members to take the opportunity to get screened as soon as possible.

Visit the APC website to find out more, including booking an appointment.

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