Recent update to the Fire Industry working group.

Whilst there were some matters that were debated at the Fire Working Group meeting in Hobart on June 2-3, 2018 that remain unresolved, the Members of the Working Group have resolved a way forward.

Following an initiative put forward by the NFIA & PPTEU on the 7th of February, the NFIA and PPTEU were joined by Master Plumbers, AMCA, Facilities Management Australia, the ETU and the AMWU to meet with FPAA and other invited organisations at a special fire working group meeting facilitated by Artibus and held in Hobart.  After two days of intense discussion and deliberation, we are pleased to inform our members that our key issues are now being addressed.

In summary;

  1. there is an immediate stop to the Fire Protection Inspect and Test Training Advisory Group (FPIT TAG) 
  2. a new working group will be created with equal representation to review the scopes of work associated with all facets of fire protection and fire safety work and
  3. the new working group will make recommendations about the review and development of relevant training products and which training package they will be embedded in.

Attached is a communique released by ARTIBUS Innovation outlining the above.

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