Helping a mate - Raffle result 2017

Never is a Union better United when fellow workers need help.

In late May this year, in the space of just two days, our Union received three separate calls from members worried about one of their work mates and fellow members. For different reasons, these three guys were experiencing emotional and financial difficulties and their mates were looking out for them.

That’s what unionism is all about, looking out for your mates, and we wanted to do whatever we could to help out. So, after doing some background research and a short discussion, the Committee decided the best way to help all three guys was to run one big raffle to benefit all the families in a combined effort.

As they always do, construction workers did themselves proud and were more than happy to throw a few bucks in, and buy a few tickets to assist fellow workers experiencing hard times.

After eight weeks of selling tickets, which raised a sizeable amount of money, the raffle was drawn at one of our Monday morning Organisers’ Meetings. Ricky Steele’s ticket was plucked out of the bucket first and he became the proud new owner of 500 coldies!

As you can see from the picture above, Ricky was pretty happy to receive his voucher for his 500 beers from our Industrial Officer Paul Coffey. I’m sure he will put his prize to very good use.

The generosity of union members, and construction workers in particular, is something you really have to experience to fully appreciate. A big thank you to all those who assisted us and bought tickets.

 This is what it means when we say we are a Proud Union!

Categories: Victoria, Western Australia

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