Minimum Training Requirement for the
Safe Use Of Boom Type Elevated Work Platform (WP) and Scissor/One Man Vertical Lift Type Elevated Work Platform


Several incidents involving the use of scissor lifts and one man type vertical lifts (commonly referred to as a cougar lift) have identified a misunderstanding in regards to “Licence to Perform High Risk Work” (LHRW) WP, and proof of training in the safe use of scissor lifts (SL) and vertical lifts (VL).

What's the difference?

To operate a boom type elevated work platform (boom length greater than 11 metres) the operator must hold a “Licence to Perform High Risk Work” (WP classification) issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) on behalf of WorkSafe Victoria. (Strict exceptions may apply in regards to training the operator).

To operate a scissor/cougar lift the operator, and their employer, must be able to demonstrate they have been trained in the safe use of both types of plant; the scissor lift (SL) and /or the cougar lift (VL). Both require separate certificates of competency, as do all types of Plant. Proof of training cards are generally issued by RTO's such as CEPUTEC. 

For inquiries regarding currency or renewal of “Licence to Perform High Risk Work” contact WorkSafe Licencing Branch on 1300 852 562 or

licencing (at)

The application of the two

To operate a boom type elevated work platform with a boom length greater than 11 metres you must hold a LHRW “WP” classification licence as described above.

You do not need a High Risk Licence as described above to operate a scissor/cougar lift.

The operator of a scissor lift (SL) or cougar lift (VL) must be able to provide evidence of adequate training delivered by accredited training providers as described above.

The holder of a “WP” classification High Risk Licence is not permitted to operate a scissor/cougar lift without also demonstrating proof of adequate training as described above.

HRWL expire after 5 years. WSV will notify the permit holder if contact details are current. It is the permit holder’s responsibility and their employer to ensure currency.

An A2 poster is available for you to display in your workplace from the Union office.

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