Installation of site amenities


To raise the awareness of the health effects in relation to:

  • The use of second hand fittings and fixtures when installing site amenities.
  • Working with used fixtures and contaminated pipe -work and fittings when decommissioning site amenities.
  • Installation of pipe-work and fixtures to an acceptable Standard.


Biological hazards from human excrement are numerous when working with live sewage and contaminated fittings and fixtures. Some biological hazards that may be present are Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, and Viruses. They can be transmitted by hand-to-mouth, inhalation or skin contact.

Risk Controls

  • Eliminate the use of contaminated pipe-work.
  • Eliminate the use of contaminated fittings.
  • When decommissioning fixtures such as pans, cisterns, urinals and wash-troughs, ensure they have been disinfected with a Grade 3 alcohol based disinfectant and have been high temperature steam cleaned.
  • Re-use of fixtures such as pans, cisterns, troughs (stainless steel) and urinals (stainless steel) should be discouraged, however evidence must be provided that they have been decontaminated with a Grade 3 alcohol based disinfectant and have been high temperature steam cleaned prior to re-use.
  • It is strongly advised that all workers be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus and Diphtheria.

All workers must be provided with appropriate PPE relevant for the task.

Good hygiene principles applied such as hand washing and welfare facilities provided such as clean water, soap, disposable towels and first-aid facilities (i.e., sterile wipes for cleansing wounds).

The “Plumbing Regulations 2008” and the “Plumbing Code of Australia” does not allow for temporary installation of amenities in any circumstance.


See technical solution 1.05 Plumbing Industry Commission “Temporary Plumbing for Site Sheds”

Steve Rocco V2 2016


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