Changes to Leisure Time Insurance Benefit after 1st October 2016

From 1 October 2016 there were a number of changes to the redundancy and benefit payments.These changes are positive for many Incolink and PPTEU members and are part of the range of benefits and services that come with an Incolink membership.

Redundancy Rate CPI increase

From 1 October 2018 your redundancy will increase from $77.04 to $78.96 per week. The total amount paid by your employer will now be $80.00 which includes an apprentice levy of $1.04. As the employer pays in arrears, this will show in the member’s account balance from November 2018. 

Redundancy Benefit – Initial Claim amount increase (Default severance/redundancy account)

The Initial Claim amount will increase to $5,565.00 giving more when a job finishes.

Insurance Benefits Increasing

The level of cover provided under the Incolink Accident and Illness Benefits Program is increasing due to changes in the rates paid by employers.


Employer pays IPT to another Insurer

(only redundancy paid to Incolink; no IPT shown on your Incolink statement)

Redundancy Contribution and IPT Premium with Incolink
Weekly Benefits
  Leisure Time Injury and Illness  
    Before 01/10/16 1 October 2016 1 October 2017 1 October 2018
 - With dependants $950 $1250 $1400 $1450 $1500
 - Without dependants $730 $1050 $1250 $1300 $1350
 - Apprentice with dependants $650 $900 $1000 $1050 $1100
 - Apprentice without dependants $595 $850 $900 $950 $1000

Note: The increased rates are only applicable whilst an employer is paying the redundancy pay contributions and the Income Protection and Trauma Insurance premiums on behalf of their workers and remain current at the time of injury/illness.    The weekly benefits are effective from 1 October 2016 for injuries and illness occurring on or after this date. ^From 14 November, 2016, tax is withheld from gross weekly benefits by QBE as per ATO guidelines.

Example:  Cover for a worker with dependants

If your employer is paying Incolink redundancy contributions only, the maximum benefit you can be paid is $950 gross^.  If, however, your employer is paying Incolink redundancy and IPT, the maximum benefit you can claim is $1,500 gross^. Note, tax is withheld from gross weekly benefits by QBE as per ATO guidelines.

How do you know who has you covered?

Please check if your employer is with Incolink IPT or they have IPT with an employer association fund,
i.e., through the AMCA or the Master Plumbers Association.

If your employer carry’s IPT insurance other than with Incolink, you must lodge a claim on that insurer for an illness claim. When making an Injury claim, you must lodge two claims, one on Incolink so as you receive $950.00, and another claim on the employer IPT insurer for the $550.00 top-up. You will receive $1,500.00 in total.

Please contact your OH&S Officer, Steve Rocco or Chris Giblin for any advice when making a claim, or for any previous claim.

It is important for members to regularly check their Incolink account to ensure their employer is up to date with paying the required contributions and insurance premiums. This can be done through WorkerLink or via the Incolink smartphone app.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please call Incolink Customer Service on 03 9639 3000 or email redund (at) or go to the website at