COVID-19. Important information for our members. 

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The situation with the coronavirus is changing every day, so please be sure to refresh this page and check our Facebook page for updates.

The PPTEU, along with other construction unions, employer associations and other industry partners believe that it is not in the interest of the industry and its workforce for sites to be closed down partially or fully due to Covid-19, whilst we must all maintain public and private health standards for everyone in the community.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the office is closed for member access.

In line with recommendations with Government, we are taking preventative measures for the health and safety of the members and staff.  

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For the purchase of merchandise. Unfortunately the shop is closed until further notice.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes, but these measures are necessary during this unprecedented health event. 

We strongly advise all members to use this web site to keep up to date with daily announcements affecting you and our industry. For general health advice on COVID- 19 you can call the Vic Government hotline on 1800 675 398 or check out their website.

Case alerts – public exposure sites

Victorian locations where there is a risk you may have been exposed to COVID-19. 

These premises have had confirmed cases visit during their infectious period. This does not mean that there is an ongoing risk associated with the premises. You can safely visit the site in line with current restrictions.

To read Tiers 1,2 and 3 explained, and view the list of exposure sites; Read here.

Statement on Vaccinations (COVID-19)

Following consideration of the best health advice available, the Federal Secretary and President, along with the Building Industry Group of Unions (B.I.G) strongly encourages all construction workers and their families to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination program where they can.

To read the full statements, download the statements below.

1 October 2021

Construction to re-open on October 5

Restrictions on the Victorian construction industry will ease from 11.59pm on Monday, 4 October, with a Construction Sector Roadmap setting a way forward for the sector to stay open and keep our community safe.

The Victorian Government has worked closely with the industry on a plan for reopening based on the recommendations of the public health team.

In order to work onsite, all workers will need to continue to carry an Authorised Worker Permit and have had at least one vaccine dose. Every construction site in Victoria must also have a designated fully trained COVID Marshal to ensure compliance with the Chief Health Officer‘s directions.

Prior to reopening, operators will be required to attest that they have implemented the CHO directions and every site will need to have an up to date vaccination register available for compliance checks at all times.

In order to make this process as easy as possible, an online portal will soon be available on the Service Victoria website so these documents are accessible for both the operator and compliance teams.

Crib facilities may be used for the consumption of food and drink with strict density requirements and additional ventilation.

Up to five workers and a supervisor will be able to work onsite for small scale construction projects, and large scale sites can have up to 25 per cent of workers onsite. If crib rooms meet best practice and the entire workforce is fully vaccinated, large scale construction sites can have up to 50 per cent of workers onsite.

Projects on the State Critical Infrastructure list will operate at 100 per cent as long as crib rooms follow best practice guidelines.

Subject to continued high levels of compliance by the industry, workforce caps will progressively increase. At our 70 per cent double dose milestone, large scale construction can return to 100 per cent of its workforce.

Caps will be removed when Victoria reaches its 80 per cent target, and in addition, all onsite workers must be fully vaccinated by 13 November.

Fully vaccinated workers can travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria in order to work onsite.

Workers on state critical projects or large scale construction can also travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria if they have had a single dose, take an initial test before their first travel, then test twice per week until fully vaccinated.

To allow all sites to remobilise, workers who have had at least one vaccination dose will be able to enter a site prior to 5 October in order to undertake crib facility improvements, participate in a reinduction or receive deliveries.

As part of the re-opening, we expect the construction industry to comply with directions in full.

Teams of Authorised Workers will conduct checks to enforce directions, and penalties will be in place for builders and site operators that do not comply – including site shutdowns for significant or repeated breaches.

RESET TO RESTART is a concise representation of key aspects of the Industry COVID-19 Guidelines and Workplace Directions that give employers and all workers precise information about what they are required to do to reopen in a COVIDSafe way. The Industry COVID-19 Guidelines (Revision 14) remain in force and provide the most comprehensive advice available to the industry, agreed and supported by industry stakeholders

Construction workers must have access to safe facilities to take meal breaks, use bathrooms, access training and other necessary activities, without compromising physical distancing and infection prevention and control (IPC) measures. Where construction site operators identify staff amenities which do not meet physical distancing standards, they are required to identify alternative solutions including the establishment of temporary structures. Ventilation is a key consideration for determining type and placement of meal break areas. In the context of infection prevention and control (IPC), ventilation (that is, mechanical and natural ventilation) is an important part of a suite of IPC measures that are important in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission in an enclosed space. Other IPC controls include: vaccination, physical distancing, good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, wearing of face masks, and cleaning & disinfection

A document has been developed to provide guidance on how to meet the workplace amenities and physical distancing requirements for meal/break rooms on construction sites. 

Download the document below.

21 September 2021

Victorian Govt announces construction industry to shut for two weeks

Due to continued concern about case numbers, transmission risk and reduced compliance, construction will shut down in metropolitan Melbourne and other Local Government Areas currently in lockdown for two weeks from 11.59pm, Monday 20 September.

The immediate shut down action is being taken to reduce movement, minimise transmission and allow for the entire industry to appropriately adapt to the Chief Health Officer Directions, including increasing vaccination rates. 

All construction projects in metropolitan Melbourne, City of Ballarat, City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Mitchell Shire will be closed, with a strictly limited exemption for workers to attend the sites to respond to an emergency or perform urgent and essential work to protect health and safety. 
An amnesty will be put in place so that a limited number of workers can attend construction sites in order to shut them down safely. All government construction projects in metropolitan Melbourne and relevant LGAs will be closed, with no new work to be completed – other than work required to make the site safe and secure.
All sites will be required to demonstrate compliance with Chief Health Officer Directions prior to reopening – including the requirement for workers to show evidence to their employer of having had one dose of the COVID19 vaccine before they return to site on 5 October. From 11.59pm 23 September, all construction workers require at least their first dose of the vaccine. This means that before workers return to site, they must comply with this new requirement.

The Government will continue to work with the industry to get as many workers vaccinated as possible – with the priority blitz continuing until Sunday 26 September, including walk-up appointments (without a booking) available at key sites. For more information about priority vaccine access, visit A COVID-19 disaster payment is available to help workers unable to earn income due to public health orders, with more info available at

To read the full media release see below.

1 September 2021

Victorian Building and Construction Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19) Agreed Guidelines (Revision 14)

Revision 14 of the Building and Construction Industry COVID-19 Guidelines are issued as of today’s date and take effect immediately. Consistent with current Department of Health Directions, the following are the major updates:

2 September 2021

Building & Construction Industry COVID-19 Update

The Victorian Government has announced that the statewide lockdown will be extended due to the level of community transmission of COVID-19 and the number of unlinked cases.
Almost all of the current restrictions will remain in place until 70 per cent of Victorians have had at least one dose of vaccine. This is estimated to be around 23 September.   

When 70 per cent of Victorians have had at least one vaccine dose, the government will look to increasing the number of construction workers on site to 50 per cent when 90 per cent of workers have received at least one vaccine dose.

While these restrictions are implemented statewide for now, consideration will be given to easing restrictions in parts of regional Victoria next week.

When 70 per cent and 80 per cent of Victorians have received both doses, more restrictions will be eased at set intervals as part of the National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response.
Vaccination appointments update
Getting vaccinated has never been more important. The best vaccine is the vaccine you can get today. While there are limited Pfizer appointments because of supply, there are 72,745 AstraZeneca appointments available across Victoria over the next three weeks. AstraZeneca is a safe and effective vaccine.
All Victorians are encouraged, where possible, to book their vaccination appointment by visiting or by phoning the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.

17 August 2021

What are the rules for construction? COVID 19 – Construction Update and COVID-19 Disaster Payment.

The PPTEU has produced a brief newsletter for members explaining the extended lockdown restrictions to assist members. We suggest you read our "Fund's Assistance" page also.
To read or download the news letter, see below.

20 July 2021

The PPTEU has put together a brief  explanation of your rights at work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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